Welcome to Mirpur Azad Kashmir

Welcome to Mirpur Azad Kashmir

Mirpur Azad Kashmir is the largest and beautiful city in Azad Kashmir. There are many other cites in the world with the name Mirpur (in India, Bangladesh and in Pakistan), but the Mirpur city in Azad Kashmir is the most famous all over the world. Mirpur is partly mountainous area and partly plain area, it has hot and dry climate, geographical conditions closely resemble with the northern Pakistani Punjabi cities of Jhelum, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Mirpur is located near to the Pakistani industrial cities of Rawalpinid, Faislaabad, Gugranwala, Gujrat, Lahore and Sialkot etc. Mirpur has also successfully developed industries for example Textile, vegetable fat (‘ghee’), garments, scooters, cosmetics and many other industries.

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Old Mirpur

Mirpur city is the headquarters of Mirpur District, which comprises on two sub-divisions, Mirpur and Dadyal. Mirpur city was newly developed in late sixties on the banks of Mangla lake. In fact the remains of the old city (old Mirpur) are underneath the waters of the Mangla Lake, during the winter months when the water recedes minarets of the old Mirpur city mosques, remnants of a Sikh gurdwara and a Hindu temple become visible from a distance.

Mirpur was well planned and the buildings are mostly of modern design, in addition there is significant inward investment from expatriates now living in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, & the Middle East. The city has a number of hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other urban facilities.

Mirpur is 200 KM (4 Hours Drive) far from Lahore |
150 KM far from Islamabad (1 and Half Hour Drive) |
50 KM far form Jhelum (30 Minute Drive)

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Picture Gallery of Mirpur Azad Kashmir

New Mirpur City Pictures

New Mirpur City Build for Mangla Dam Affected People by AJK Government.

Mirpur View Point Park

Mirpur View Point Park is the only Main Park of Mirpur City. It is Situated on Hall Road near Quaid-e-Azam Chowk Mirpur

Old Mirpur City Under Wanter of Mangla Dam

New Mirpur City Pictures. New Mirpur City Build near Mirpur for Mangla Dam Affected People due to Upraising Projects.

Mirpur City and Sangoot

Picture of Sangoot Town/Village of Mirpur. This town in located on bank of Jari Kas Dam. Streets are Narrow But Clear and Clean.

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