Pakistani Cousin’s Love Affair With Two British Sisters in UK, Tore The Whole Family Apart

Hafeez Rehman, from Kotli District of Azad Kashmir, married Saima Khan, 34, from Luton and migrated from Pakistan to United Kingdom.

Pakistani Cousin’s Love Affair With Two British Sisters in UK, Tore The Whole Family Apart
Pakistani Cousin’s Love Affair With Two British Sisters in UK, Tore The Whole Family Apart

Hafeez Rehman was 21 when moved to UK and started living at his wife Saima Khan’s parent’s home and started working as Taxi driver and obtain a British passport. Sabah Khan who is now 29, was just ten at that time.

Father for 4 children Hafeez Rehman, began an affair with Sabah Khan his unmarried sister-in-law. Rehman kept the affair secret, routinely breaking it off and then starting it again.

In the years that the affair continued, Sabah became increasingly obsessed with Rehman. Sabah Khan and Rehman had been in a relationship for four years and they had been in illicit acts, in his taxi and their home when his wife had gone to work.

At one point in time, she became pregnant with his child. Because the affair was secret (or at least everyone involved pretended not to know about it), she was forced to have an abortion.

Long before then, tensions between the sisters had risen to the point that Sabah was living separately from the rest of the family for some time.

Mr Rehman’s attentions cooled and he returned to the mother of his four children, Khan became bitterly jealous and plotted for weeks to get her out of the way.

WhatsApp messages revealed Sabah Khan’s bitterness as Mr Rehman’s interest in her waned. She referred to her sister with bad words and told Mr Rehman: ‘If I could I would take my heart out and show you what you are for me. Nothing in the world can change my feelings for you. Not even you … Day by day my love for you gets stronger.’

Even though Rehman who claimed he tried to end the relationship, there seems to be evidence to the contrary. It was alleged that at one point Rehman inquired whether he could be married to both sisters at the same time. When he learned that this was forbidden in Islam, he chose to continue with the affair.

On other side, Sabah a jealous, manipulated and exploited searched the internet for how to get away with murder and paid a “black magic priest” in Pakistan £5,000 to do the deed by “remote control” and to have her sister ‘finished off’ and ‘done in’.

She told the fixer: ‘Sorry to bother you again and again. My friend is really upset now Hefeez does not even look at her

….he says he realises his mistake … You finish off Saima as quick as possible so Sabah can get her Hefeez back.’

But Saima did not die and everything came to a head on the night of May 26, 2016, at around 11:00 pm. Saima, who worked as a healthcare aide for an elderly lady, was at work.

The four children, the eldest of whom was a daughter about seven years old, slept upstairs. Sabah was home taking care of them. Her parents and Rehman had gone out. At this time, Sabah texted her sister, asking her to come home.

When Saima Khan returned, she switched off the lights and carried out a “vicious and sustained” attack in the hallway, with the children upstairs. Over eight minutes, she inflicted 68 sites of injury to the head and body, on her hand and neck, killing her on spot.

Then she called emergency services and alleged that a robbery had taken place in the house and her sister had been murdered. When the ambulance arrived, Saima was, of course, already dead. Post-mortem reports show that Sabah stabbed her sister 68 times.

Sabah Khan was sentenced to life with a minimum of 22 years for butchering Saima Khan in the hallway of the family home.

British-Pakistani community in Luton which hails largely from Kotli district of Azad Kashmir, often desire to marry daughters within a circle of close relatives from back home to lift the less fortune relatives.

British born Saima Khan tied knot to Hafeez Rehman in an arrange marriage by her parents to lift the less fortune from back home by obtaining him a British passport.

Hafeez Rehman now revealed his regret over a four-year affair with his sister-in-law. But Khan family lost respect in the community, lost one daughter and other in jail serving life sentence.

It involved not just the loss of precious life of an innocent woman and a life destroyed of another but also the highly pernicious impact on the lives of four very young children.

But in this case only the beneficiary is Hafeez Rehman, Whose “Panchon Ungian Ghee Mai aur Sir Karahi Mai”. He married one sister, had affair with younger sister, he has British passport, he will soon find a third one.

Rehman escaped punishment as there is no law in Britain for having illicit relation with consent. If he would have stopped playing his fanciful games that went uncontrolled, this tragedy would not have happened.

Sabah is also blamed, she shouldn’t have fell pray to the temptation of the despicable act of her brother-in-law. The parents are to be blamed too as despite knowing the vile nature of this man, they continued to give him the opportunity to cheat on their daughter.