Pakistan’s Beauty Queens and their Participation in Major Pageants

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, despite its notorious image as the hotbed of fundamentalism, has actually participated in a major international pageant.

Pakistan’s Beauty Queens and their Participation in Major Pageants
Pakistan’s Beauty Queens and their Participation in Major Pageants

As its official name suggests, Islam is the official religion but there are millions in the minority that practices other religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, and Sikhism. But these minorities are always a target of religious persecution. Murder and arson were some of the documented crimes committed against the minorities.

Miss Pakistan World is a beauty pageant for Pakistan. Till date it is the only original Pakistani beauty pageant that is internationally recognized in the world.

The contestants of the Miss Pakistan World pageant are Pakistani girls who reside all over the world, as well as the participation is opened for Pakistani girls from Pakistan, as well as dual nationality holders.

Miss Pakistan World has been running since 2002 and has expanded to launching Mrs. Pakistan World as well as Mr. Pakistan World.

Misbah Iqbal – Mrs. Pakistan World 2007/8

Misbah Iqbal was born on June 1st, 1984 in Karachi, Pakistan. At the age of 22 she became the first married woman with 3 children to be competing in the Mrs. World Pageant 2007, after achieving the title of Mrs. Pakistan World 2007.

Saman Hasnain – Mrs. Pakistan World 2008/9
Saman Hasnain at age 37 has gone down in history as Pakistan’s second Mrs. Pakistan World 2008. Saman, a licensed realtor and loan officer is a happily married mother of 2 beautiful boys and has spent 15 years in the real estate industry. She is a true role model for many married Pakistani women.

Tahmena Bokhari – Mrs. Pakistan World 2010
Tahmena Bokhari, Mrs. Pakistan World 2010 was born in Toronto, Canada and spent some of her childhood years in Faisalabad, Pakistan. She won Mrs. Pakistan World 2010 in Toronto, Canada on January 2nd, 2010 and went down in history to represent married women on an international platform. In November 2010, she represented Pakistan in Jamaica for the Mrs. United Nations pageant and won the title of Mrs. United Nations 2010. She was the first Pakistani woman to go down in history to win a title for Pakistan.

Nyla Hasan – Mrs. Pakistan World

Nyla Hasan Mrs. Pakistan world 2011 and a mother of three beautiful children, is a professor at Toronto’s leading Fashion College, where she trains other Image Consultants.

Saiyma Haroon – Mrs. Pakistan World 2012

Saiyma Haroon Miss Pakistan World 2012 is a Norwegian born Pakistani brought up in Lahore, Pakistan. She completed her GCSE from Lahore Grammar school. She completed her IB from Oslo Int.

Farah Mahmood – Mrs. Pakistan World 2013
Farah Mahmood was Mrs. Pakistan World 2013 and went on to represent Pakistan in the Mrs. Universe 2013 pageant and won the Mrs. Universal Beauty title.

Mariam Mohammad – Mrs. Pakistan World 2014

Mariam Mohammad has Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from University of Washington.

Muskan Jay – Mrs. Pakistan World 2016

Muksan Jay hails from Sheikupura, Pakistan and is an actress, singer as well as a model. She is settled in Karachi, Pakistan and is very active in the Pakistani entertainment industry in Pakistan. Muskan has a baby boy and had taken a one year break from dramas and television shows. She is now back with the title of Mrs. Pakistan World 2016.

Usma Kashaf Mrs. Pakistan 2018

Usma Kashaf from Arkansas, USA and Lahore, Pakistan is the new Mrs. Pakistan 2018!

Pakistani women have a lot of potential to shine in the world of pageantry. Pakistanis share linguistic and racial similarities with India – a country that boasts two Misses Universe, five Misses World and one Miss Earth.

It may be a victory for the pageantry scene of Pakistan but there is one troubling thing – the national pageant is being held outside of Pakistan and this is out of fear for violent attacks by fundamentalists. The organizer of the Miss Pakistan World pageant, Sonia Ahmed, chose to hold the pageant in Canada. She is proud that Pakistani women from different parts of the world came to compete.

Miss Earth Pakistan 2006 Sehr Mahmoud said that “Pakistan is not perceived in the right way in the world and it’s because of these extremists and so called pseudo intellectuals. This is what we want to change.”

U.S.-based Pakistani Ms. Noorani said she is not used to wearing swimsuits as she is a practicing Muslim. She does not drink or date either. However, she thinks it perfectly all right to display the beauty given by God. And that is precisely the source of her difficulties.