Criminal Lifestyle of King Meggy Khan From Pakistan To Bradford UK

Mohammed Nisar Khan, also known as King Meggy Khan, of Holme Lane in West Yorkshire’s criminal known as ‘Meggy’, is one of the most high-profile underworld in Bradford.

Criminal Lifestyle of King Meggy Khan From Pakistan To Bradford UK
Criminal Lifestyle of King Meggy Khan From Pakistan To Bradford UK

Meggy hails form Attock, District of Punjab, Pakistan and residing in Bradford with a number of his extended family members in the town.

He is describe as ‘King Meggy’ of Bradford among the local Pakistan community who also calls him a gangster and is well known for around 20 years.

Meggy is said to be an “extremely serious criminal who had led a “charmed life”, and is involved in different gang fights.

Meggy was handed down a four-and-a-half year sentence for robbery back in 1999 after he found guilty of robbery and stole £20,000 from a Securitas officer outside a travel agent’s.

Meggy has 10 convictions on his record for 51 offences. He was jailed in 2011 for 30 months for affray; the last jail term he received before his life sentence.

Meggy was shot in the abdomen at his girlfriend’s home in Dobkiln Lane, Bingley on August 20, 2007. He suffered a perforated colon and lacerated liver.

A talented Bradford amateur boxer Fletcher turned to supplying hard drugs after his career was ruined when he was shot, he had been shot and seriously injured in Bradford in June 2007 after he was shot by Meggy.

The motivation for the shooting was Fletcher beating Meggy in a fight in a pub, for which he had never forgiven him. Later Fletcher and his uncle went to Meggy’s home to damage his expensive cars as revenge and were charged with conspiracy to murder but were acquitted.

Meggy was involved in gang war with owners of restaurant in Bradford the Saffron Desi for more than 20 years. back in May 2012, Bradford restaurant brothers were being pressurised by “Meggy” that they felt, they and their family were at risk of significant violence.

Meggy was

described as a police informant by one of the defendants in Yassar Yaqub Murder trial in January 2017 when details of the events leading up to armed police shooting a man on the M62 were revealed.

Meggy is serving 26 years sentence in jail, for murdered of Amriz Iqbal, a father-of-three, by driving a car into him and killed him.

Recently a Leeds businessman Manni Hussain handed over 45 properties after investigators used an Unexplained Wealth Order, he has been close to Mohammed Khan since 2005 and frequently drove him to and from court, according to evidence gathered by investigators.

Manni also paid a £134,000 confiscation order for Khan’s brother, Shamsher, who had been separately convicted of money laundering.

These so called gangsters, dirty drug pushers, think they are untouchable guys, hard men, above the Law, kings of universe.

Meggy once posted on his social media account in 2018 A million inboxes asking same question. Don’t worry about me, am clear. Worry about the snitch. I’ll send ya postcards from dubs next week. Feds can’t touch me, think it’s some joke. Short holiday with five O, gonna be back on raising hell soon

One drug user or drug seller in the family can destroy the whole family, remember this can happen to their own families. But destpte knowing about their lads’s criminal lifestyle, parents and elder family members enjoy the money coming, which they spend on designer, clothes, handbags, etc rest they send some of it back to Pakistan.

Fact is that if you play with fire you get burnt! DRUGS = hate, jealousy, harm, set up, an even death, so how can you choose to sell class A. Can’t play victim when these so called gangsters screw up other people’s children with drugs and violence!

May Allah SWT forgive and bless their families an bring them to the right path. No parents wish this to anyone’s kids cause it’s the people left behind that suffer the most.

May all the Ummah of the Prophet SAW be guided to the right path before we all go from this worl. Ameen sumameen