Drug Dealer Brothers and Their Muslim Girlfriends Jailed For 60 Years

Two brothers Harras Khan, 26, and Anib Khan, 24, both of of Crompton Road, Handsworth, have been jailed for life for the murder of Taimoor Zaheer, 20,- killed in an execution-style, shot at close range as he sat in a car in Maxwell Avenue, Handsworth, Birmingham on 22 May last year.

Drug Dealer Brothers and Their Muslim Girlfriends Jailed For 60 Years
Drug Dealer Brothers and Their Muslim Girlfriends Jailed For 60 Years

Khan brothers who ran a drug dealing operation in Sandwell, got into a row with Taimoor Zaheer on May 21, last year. Next day, on May 22, the brothers were getting into their car when Taimoor Zaheer along his two friends was in his Vauxhall Vectra, when they were caught in traffic outside the Khan brothers’ house on Crompton Road, Handsworth.

Khan brothers follow them in their black Audi, after pulling their car, they shouted abuse at the victim, asking: “What you gonna do?”.

Harras handed the weapon to his younger brother Anib before shouting: “Blast him, do it” who fired at Taimoor at point-blank range through the open window, killing him on spot, before fleeing the scene with his brother.

Murder was linked to a drugs turf war with the Khan Brothers, who ran a drug dealing operation in Sandwell, wanting to show who was in charge. They had previously harassed and followed the victim’s girlfriend because they wanted to “give a message of threat” to

Mr Zaheer.

Anib tried to flee to Amsterdam but was arrested by police at Dover as he tried to leave the country by ferry. Anib’s girlfriend Nahima Begum, 25, of Botha Road, Bordesley Green, who drove him to Dover, was found guilty of assisting an offender.

Nahima Begum claimed she knew nothing about the murder of Taimoor Zaheer, but in reality she knew her drug dealer boyfriend Anib Khan was in big trouble – and she would do all she could to help him.

Anib Khan was jailed for life with a minimum of 32 years, while Nahima Begum was convicted of assisting an offender after driving Anib Khan to Dover in a bid to escape was jailed for 15 months.

Sonia Ashraf, 27, of Monica Road, Small Heath, a graduate and mother-of-two, booked a cottage to harbour her drug lord boyfriend Harras Khan, she also hired a Mercedes to drive Harras Khan to Airbnb accommodation in Cheshire after murder of Taimoor Zaheer.

Sonia after lying to police during a phone call in June last year, claiming her boyfriend may be in Pakistan, she booked a property in Nantwich and drove him there in a hire car, before spending several days with him.

Sonia was convicted in August at the city’s crown court of assisting an offender by arranging accommodation and transportation during a trial at Birmingham Crown Court. She was sentenced to nine months in jail.

Harras Khan was handed a life term to serve at least 29 years while his girlfriend was jailed for nine months.