Why British Girls Deliberately Seeking Men from Pakistan for Marriage ?

An increasing number of British Girls are choosing to marry boys form back home in Pakistan instead of British born boys despite the strict immigration laws to bring spouse in United Kingdom.

Why British Girls Deliberately Seeking Men from Pakistan for Marriage ?
Why British Girls Deliberately Seeking Men from Pakistan for Marriage ?

Earlier this practice was adopted by British Boys, who came to Pakistan and choose a girl of their own standards and bring back the girl to UK. The practice was adopted as British Men wanted a family oriented girl who can take care of their home, parents and up bring children in with Pakistani Norms and Values.

Many women are choosing to marry from Pakistan because they can’t trust British Born Men, and they want their children to be bought up with some of their parent’s culture. Especially the educated and those who earns think boys here in UK are after their money and marry them to bring ease in their own life.

While in past British Girls mostly liked to marry British born boys and few who marry from back home Pakistan were mostly forced or it was for family.

Now the mentality of British Girls about people of Pakistan that they are backward is changed, there are more forward people in Pakistan as compare to people in UK.

Also the Pakistani men are family oriented they never let their wives to go or divorce them, while British Boys can divorce despite having children.

On other side Boys from Pakistan can be controlled easily if they are from a good family background. They can join their business work hard to earn and are nice to them as well as their in laws.

One girl who married a guy from back home and sponsored him to UK on Spouse visa and shared her experience

It iss quite simple. I earn the money so I can dominate my husband. I run the family life they way I want. He is just grateful to be here, as it was me who sponsored

him to UK otherwise due to strict immigration laws it was not possible for him to came and settle here.

I am not accountable to my husband while my husband is accountable to me. I run my own business. He stays home and looks after our two kids. I let him go home and visit his family every two years.

Even I send money back to his family to support them financially every few months, because of this my in laws are happy and have a lot of respect towards me. If my husband annoys me, simple a phone call to his parents solves every thing. And even to control him, I just threaten to send him back!

Other British girls have very bad experienced while they married British Born boys, they smoke weed and have a bad life. They just marry to intimate and to cook for them and their family. The work girls who married British boys, said mostly married them for their money.

Also one girl who married from Pakistan shared her experience:

I purposely married a man from Pakistan so that he could join our family business. This way my parents get a support from my husband while my husbands also earn enough from our family business that we have stable and good lifestyle.

My husband does what my father tells him to do, and he is obedient to my father, as because of the family business my husband is able to work as a family member and otherwise despite having education degrees he was not able to earn this amount.

British girls who marry from back home said they married because they wanted a man who respects them, their family, work hard to earns money. Also those who came here in UK are new to area and mostly they spend time with family members and do what their spouse and in laws ask them to do.

Until they mix up with other community members they are father to one or two children and have a certain responsibility on them. So this is the reason British Girls opting to marry men from Pakistan.