Story of A Villager Who Became Second Richest British-Pakistani

Zameer Mohammed Choudrey, aka Mr. Choudery was born in 1958 in Thathi village of Gujar Khan, near Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He came to the UK at age of 12 when he had not even seen the nearest city of Gujjar Khan.

Story of A Villager Who Became Second Richest British-Pakistani
Story of A Villager Who Became Second Richest British-Pakistani

Zameer Choudrey is nephew of billionaire Sir Anwar Pervez who worked as bus conductor after coming to the UK, opened a corner shop and then went on to establish a multi-billion Pounds cash and carry business empire.

When Zameer Choudrey came to UK in 1970, his uncle set up own business, a warehouse in Acton area of west London with very small money with the help of friends and relatives in 1976.

During this time, Mr. Choudery would regularly assist him in the running of his business in between his studies. He graduated from the University of Kent at Canterbury in 1981.

He went on to qualify as a chartered accountant at City practice Simmons, Cohen, Fine and Partners, which he describes as “the most important building block” of his career.

He joined Bestway Group in 1984, three days later the chairman, his uncle Sir Anwar Pervez, (He always refers to his uncle as the chairman) “saw something in him” and promoted him unofficially to Finance Director.

In this role he designed and implemented systems and controls within the business with emphasis on husbandry of stocks and cash management.

Mr. Choudrey joined Bestway in 1984, turnover was £95.4m, In 1990, turnover had hit £377.7m. And when he was made chief executive in 2004,

by which time Bestway Cement and United Bank had been added to the fold, turnover was £1.35bn.

Mr. Choudrey played a key role in the expansion of the Group’s wholesale business through the acquisition of Bashin Cash & Carry in 1984; Crown Crest Limited in 1987 and Link Cash & Carry in 1988. Choudrey certainly earned his stripes, he built Bestway Cement from scratch into Pakistan’s biggest cement producer.

Zameer Choudrey was appointed to the House of Lords under the Queen’s intention of conferring Peerages of the United Kingdom on first week of October 2019. He take oath as a member of the House of Lord and Assumed office 9 October 2019.

Lord Zameer Choudery said: “I always proudly say that we are villagers. I originate from a village called Thathi, it’s in District Gujjar Khan near Rawalpindi. We came to the UK from Thathi. At the age of 12 when I came here, I had not seen the city of Gujjar Khan. I made it purpose of my life to work hard with sincerity of purpose. We are clean-hearted and we have grown up with the belief that only hard work pays. This is what I teach my kids that work hard and Allah will help you.”

Lord Zameer Choudery who have been estimated at worth £1.755 billions, says I am a very simple man with simple life style, still drives and old Mercedes car, I’ve lived in the same house in Brondesbury Park, North West London, for last 34 years.

Lord Choudery said he would do his best in his new role as Tory House of Lords member to improve relations between UK and Pakistan.