Amir Khan Buys Faryal Brand New Mercedes G-Class As Reunion 

Amir Khan has bought wife Faryal Makhdoom a brand new Mercedes G-Class wrapped in red ribbon in another hint towards a reunion in the wake of reports they had separated over a scandal.

The boxer posted a highly-edited video on Instagram which featured Khan presenting his wife with a large bouquet of red roses before he and his wife drove off in the car, which has red balloons hung from the new vehicle’s windows.

Along with the video, which features slow

motion shots of Faryal stepping into the car and grabbing the steering wheel, Khan wrote: ‘Little gift for @faryalmakhdoom. I know how much she loves G wagons so I wanted to surprise her. Hope you like it.’

The boxer also gave his thanks to Exotic Cars Dubai who he said were responsible for sourcing the car.

The latest hint at a reunion, which follows Khan sharing snippets of a cinema trip with Faryal, comes after an ex-BBC presenter accused the boxer of making advances towards her after they appeared at an event together.