Pakistani Actress Saba Qamar Tells Her Fans Why She Is Not Married Yet

Saba Qamar also gets the same question to answer ‘why aren’t you married yet? The beautiful actress finally revealed in a live chat session #AskSaba on her twitter.

Pakistani Actress Saba Qamar, 35, Tells Her Fans Why She Is Not Married Yet
Pakistani Actress Saba Qamar, Tells Her Fans Why She Is Not Married Yet

Saba Qamar has given a reason for not marrying yet. The actress answered her questions on Twitter yesterday for her followers.

In her tweet yesterday, Saba said that she would respond to follower’s questions. After which a large number of her fans raised questions.

Saba has always been private about her life. In the chat session, Baaghi actress was asked why she has not married yet. Saba Qamar gave a diplomatic and witty response.


responded “Because I haven’t found someone who I can spend my entire life with”

While another fans questions her, How do you deal with your mental health? You seems to be a strong person, don’t you get anxiety as you’re an inspiration for us..what are your thoughts and ways to handle your mental health?And what would you tell your fans who are suffering from severe mental illness?

Actress replies, I have actually been through a lot, and all I learned in my life is to let go off things that make you feel bad, accept your imperfections to keep going. Learn to talk your heart out, don’t take things too seriously, just stay true to yourself because its okay to be okay.

She also hint that she will start her youtube channel on her birthday on April 5 next year.