Family History of Raja Amir Iqbal Khan Janjua Commonly Known as Boxer Amir Khan

Raja Amir Iqbal Khan Janjua commonly known as Boxer Amir Khan or King Khan was born on born 8 December 1986 and raised in Bolton, Greater Manchester. He has background of Punjabi Rajput family with ancestries in Matore village of Kahuta Tehsil, near Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Family History of Raja Amir Iqbal Khan Janjua Commonly Known as Boxer Amir Khan
Family History of Raja Amir Iqbal Khan Janjua Commonly Known as Boxer Amir Khan

His grand father named Lal Khan Janjua a retired Pakistan Army officer was the first in the family who migrated to England in 1960s. Lal Khan got a job in a cotton factory in Bolton, working his way up to manager.

Lal saw the opportunity of a better future for his family in Britain and set up home in Halliwell, Greater Manchester, later bringing his wife, Iqbal Begum, and two sons including Amir’s dad Shajaad Khan commonly known as Shah Khan.

Shah Khan was only 8 years old when he joined his family in Bolton. He trained as a mechanic before setting up his own garage and then a scrapyard.

Shah Khan married Falak Khan, who was also brought over from Pakistan by her parents as a kid. Couple have 4 children from marriage, Mariyah Khan, Amir Khan, Tabinda Khan and Haroon Khan.

Falak Khan like rest of Pakistani house wives devoted herself to bringing up her children who were living in a very middle-class area in Bolton.

Amir Khan got his early education at Smithills School in Bolton, and Bolton Community College. Amir Khan who was much cared by her mother, was naughty at home, he was always breaking things and punching things.

In one of his interview Amir said, “I loved it all – hitting the bag, the smell of

sweat, even being punched. Believe it or not, I liked being hit really hard. It’s an adrenaline rush and that becomes very addictive.”

Shah Khan was worried about his son, he took him to boxing classes in an attempt to divert his energy and to keep him off the streets. Amir was only 8 years old when his father took him to an amateur boxing club in Halliwell and placed him under the tutelage of a local coach, Tommy Battle in 1994.

Amir Khan said, ‘It was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me, I loved it straight away.’ He had found his niche.

It made a huge difference to the way he saw life, and taught him discipline. It also taught him respect, because Dad made it clear that if he didn’t behave he wouldn’t be able to go back to the gym.

“If it wasn’t for him I have no doubt I’d have just wasted my life” – said Amir Khan

At the age of 11, while still studying at Smithills School, began to participate in competitive boxing at the Bury Amateur Club.

Amir was only 17 years old when he won gold medals at the 2003 Junior Olympics, the 2004 European Student Championships and the 2004 World Junior Championships.

Amir became the youngest boxer to represent Britain in the Olympics in almost three decades, and earned a silver medal in the lightweight boxing category, becoming the youngest Briton to achieve this feat.

Khan is proud of his Lancashire roots, still lives in Bolton, across the road from his mother and father, his brother and two sisters.

Boxer Amir Khan has an estimated net worth of approximately $30 million (£22.5m) all of which he eared from his boxing career.

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