Brothers Sahil and Amaan along with Wahab Saif jailed for murder in Huddersfield

The evil Ansar brothers have finally been jailed for the murder of beloved dad-of-three Khalfan Seif.

Brothers Sahil and Amaan along with Wahab Saif jailed for murder in Huddersfield
Brothers Sahil and Amaan along with Wahab Saif jailed for murder in Huddersfield

Amaan Ansar, 20, and Sahil Ansar, 19, were handed life sentences with minimum terms of 26 years and 25 years at Leeds Crown Court on Friday. Their co-defendant, Wahaab Saif, 19, was jailed for 14 years for murder.

The Ansars also fell to be sentenced for two other offences which took place in 2021 – one which saw Sahil slash a man with a machete after he got into a car with Amaan, and another for affray where they went and threatened a man on his doorstep.

Beloved dad-of-three Khalfan, known as Bafan, died after being attacked at his home in Springdale Avenue, on January 14 this year. The Ansar brothers and Saif targeted Khalfan for either cannabis or cannabis money, the court heard on Friday.

Khalfan would sell the class B drug from his kitchen as a way to make extra money, it has previously been said.

The Ansar brothers were arrested at a relative’s house in Brighouse and Saif was arrested from his student accommodation in Sheffield the next day after telling a friend “people are after me”.

All three denied the offences, and they told the court they had gone to Mr

Seif’s property to buy cannabis before an incident. Amaan Ansar told jurors he and Saif had waited outside the property while his brother went inside. He said he heard “like a bang” and his brother shouting before he returned back outside and they all ran. He said his brother later told him he “might have stabbed him”.

The trio attacked Mr Seif in his home at Springdale Avenue, Huddersfield, while attempting to rob him at around 11pm. Mr Seif sadly died the next day in hospital after suffering a serious stab injury.

As he jailed the trio, The Honourable Mr Justice Jacobs said the entire attack – from the time the three left a nearby garage to Louise Dyson being seen fleeing her home – lasted just one minute and 40 seconds. He told the Ansars and Saif: “Khalfan Seif – no words of mine can convey the tragedy of his family of the events of 14th January 2023. He was only 33-years-old and lived with his wife in Huddersfield with their three young boys – the third, who was only six months old at the time.

“The evidence heard in the trial is that he made money as a small-time cannabis dealer making money for his wife and family. This was well-known in the community but he was nevertheless a person that was liked. After his death, the community pulled together to raise money for his funeral.