2 British-National Sisters, Maria, 25, and Nadia, 18, Mysteriously Found Dead in Bathroom in Pakistan

Two young British national sisters 17-year-old Nadia and 25-year-old Maria were found mysteriously dead in Gujrat, Pakistan today on Friday 17 January 2020. The incident took place in the Mirpur village of Dolat Nagar, Gujrat District of Pakistan where young … Continue reading

Nakhray Baaz, First Video Song by Hareem Shah and Sundal Khattak

TikTok star Hareem Shah has released her first-ever music video on early Thursday. The music video has both Shah and Sundal Khattak. She posted the video of her song with rapper Aash Chughtai on Twitter. In it, she and Khattak … Continue reading

Notorious Gangster, Wakkas Butt, 29, ‘Boss of Leeds 11’ Jailed along with his Gang Members

Wakkas Butt, 29, who styled himself as the “boss of Leeds 11” has been jailed for 21 years. The self styled Leeds crime boss was involved in a shooting in the city. ‘He was the ringleader of a criminal gang … Continue reading