Zubair Pervez sexually assaulted teenage girls at Manchester University

21 years old Zubair Pervez, a married dad-of-one, was visiting a pal at Manchester Metropolitan University when he began pestering the girls in a nightclub.

Zubair Pervez visited a pal at Manchester Metropolitan University in November 2014, he then went with his friend to the girl’s halls where he attacked 2 girls.

18 years old first victim of Zubair Pervez said, Zubair barged into her room, pinned her to bed and then sexually assaulted her. Victim shouted at her and asked to leave but he pushed her back on her bed and forcibly kissed her.

Then Zubair went down the corridor to the room of another 18-year-old girl, when she woke up she found Pervez lying on top of her and laughing, while her neck was full of hickeys.

Next morning 2nd victim called her friend (first victim) and told what happened to her in night, when she woke up she found a boy next to her, laughter at her. She explained about the looks of boy and then First Victim came to know its the same guy that came into her room.

At Manchester Crown Court Zubair Pervez was convicted by the jury and jailed for 5 years. Zubair Pervez has been jailed for 5 years after barging into the rooms of teenage university students and assaulting them.