Zayn Malik’s girlfriend trolled as she even doesn’t know his Ethnicity

Zayn Malik’s girlfriend Gigi Hadid 21, half Palestinian-American was being interviewed by Gulf news, when anchor person asked her about her feelings about middle east, she revealed her feelings by saying she can feel a connection to the culture as her father (Mohammed Hadid) is Palestinian and her boy friend Zayn Malik is “half middle-eastern”. She said she feels like she is among her own people.

While Zayn Malik is half British-Pakistani, he is British Muslim pop star who sings in Urdu, has Arabic tattoos.

Many British people were offended by her complete misrepresentation of what she called “breakfast beans,” which she cited as part of her British boyfriend’s meals. From then the trolls started swarming in from across social media platforms.

They Said:

I’ve always gotten the feeling that she picks “boyfriends” for her brand and she just probably doesn’t know Zayn that well.

Makes me wonder what kind of conversations these two have with each other that she doesn’t even know he’s half Asian not Middle Eastern.

Zayn’s “ex-fiancee” thought he was Indian so either Zayn is faking it badly with these ladies or he needs to open up a lot more. My guess is faking it.

lmao gigi hadid really said zayn was middle eastern ? how are you dating someone and you don’t even know their ethnicity/race?

So Gigi Hadid says its good Zayn is from a middle eastern family.
Isn’t her father Palestinian?
Zayn is half Pakistani. Smh

Gigi Hadid said Zayn Malik is half MIDDLE EASTERN…girl I was really rooting for you….

First breakfast beans. Now referring to Pakistan is an Arab country. She is dead to me.
(still mostly because of the breakfast beans comments)