Zameer Ahmed Jailed as his Girlfriend left with Cut Lip, broken tooth, burn mark at abdomen

Zameer Ahmed, 16, resident of Derby torture his girl friend including waterboarding, physical assault, strangling her and forcing her to stand naked in the street. The barbaric and brutal torture continues for 3 months.

On one occasion Zameer Ahmed continued brutal assault from morning and ended in the evening. Zameer Ahmed punched her to the face and broke her tooth. He hit her with vacuum cleaner pipe until pipe broke itself.

He get the poor girl lie down in the bath tub and held her head under water. He covered her face with a cloth and poured water over her face and mouth.

He used to beat her until he get tired and ran out of energy. After the attack he would not allow her to go out until her bruises are gone.

Poor girl finally contacted her mom and later police was called, police found blood spattered on the bedroom walls, on bed sheet and the pillow police also recovered broken tooth of victim.

The girl was taken to hospital and was found to have swelling, tenderness and scabs different parts of her body including her shoulder, ribs and bottom. She was left with a cut lip, a broken tooth and a 3.5cm long burn mark to her abdomen.

All he wanted was to control the girl and to stop her seeing friends and family. Zameer Ahmed is jailed for 2 years at Derby Crown Court.