Zahid Shah, 28, Jailed for 6 Months for Grabbing a Female Passenger in Leicester

Taxi Driver Zahid Shah, 28, a Married father, resident of Evington Park Road, Leiceste, who grabbed the br**** of a young woman passenger aged 22, has been jailed for six monthsat Leicester Crown Court.

Married father Zahid Shah has been jailed for six months

Married father Zahid Shah has been jailed for six months

Zahid Shah, denied sexually assaulting the 22-year-old in the early hours of the morning, after helping her out of the cab. But he was found guilty by a jury of eight men and four women at Leicester Crown Court.

Zahid Shah was working as a licenced taxi driver in this city, in October 2015. When a girl aged, 22, came from job and got into the back of the hackney cab, a people carrier, on Belvoir Street, at 3.15am and was driven by Zahid Sah to the street where she lived.

After the 10 minute journey to her home, she was unable to open the sliding passenger door and Zahid Shah got out to assist, before hugging her on the pavement. He even asked for a kiss, which she refused and he then grabbed one of her br*****.

The victim girl take a photograph of his registration number as he drove away and informed police.

The judge was handed a character reference from the defendant’s wife, describing him as a “loyal” husband.

His taxi licence is suspended and he will never work as a taxi driver again.

Original News Source: Leicester Mercury