Youth celebrates the victory of Barrister Sultan Mahmood Ch


Thousands of Youngsters came out on street to celebrate the victory of Barrister Sultan

Mirpur, In order to celebrate the victory of leader of Azad Kashmir, Barrister Sultan, thousands of youngsters of C4 came out on streets. They raised slogans in his favour and also took out a rally which was attended by hundreds of workers of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf. The rally was headed by PTI leader Ch Jahangir.

At this occasion, Sufi Muhammad Nazir in his telephonic message said that Barrister Sultan Mahmood Ch has not only won an election, but has simultaneously defeated both the Federal and Sindh government and that truth and justice always prevail in the end. The people of Mirpur want freedom from the Incompetent leaders and nothing in the world can now stand in the way ‘Azad Kashmir’s Tsunami’. It was inevitable for Barrister Sultan to be a part of Azad Kashmir Assembly to continue the struggle for freedom of Kashmir, as he has played a vital role in highlighting this issue on both National and International platforms.

Ch Jahangir while addressing the rally said that the honorable people of Mirpur have proved that they want freedom from the corrupt leadership and after the victory of Barrister Sultan, Ch Abdul Majeed should have immediately resigned because even after utilizing the governmental resources they were badly defeated. He hoped that very soon PTI will establish its government in Azad Kashmir.