Young Girls Enjoyed Cold Water of Jatlan Head among Boys

Young Girls taking Shower and Enjoying it in Mirpur

Young Girls taking Shower and Enjoying it in Mirpur

Jatlan head which is popular place during summer where young boys came to beat the heat of summer. This time as Ramzan Fall in Summer, mostly young boys came to Jatlan Head and Lehri Head on Upper Jhelum Canal in Mirpur to spend their fasting time in cold water.

Two weeks, about 4 deaths are reported in Jatlan head, where young boys drowned in deep water while swimming. After several death Local government of Mirpur restricted everyone to swim or take shower in water of Jatlan Head or Mangla Dam.

But still people are seed in Jatlan Head in a large number. Last Sunday a group of young girls came to Jatlan head and start bathing among young boys. According to some boys present there, they told group of girls were actually shemales. Their dresses became wet in water become see through. Young boys around, took picture of them.

Everyone was shocked after watching girls enjoying in water among boys in public place, especially in Holy Month of Ramazan. Girls enjoyed more than one hour and no body dare to stop them.

When local people came to know, the showed their concern and asked police to take action and restrict girls or boys to swim/bath in water of Jatlan Head.