Young Girl Arrested for Selling Drugs in Mirpur

A non-local girl was arrested for supplying drugs.

Firdus, 24, drug dealer, wife of Mohammed Anwar, is a resident of Mohallah Ilyas Colony, Gujranwala.

She was arrested in New City Mirpur, after police were informed of a drug cartel working in the area.

After she was arrested lady police was called and asked to body search the 24 year old from Gujranwala. She uncovered 100 gram of heroin from her, which she was about to sell.

As she was waiting for a client at New City Gate, and was arrested in the act.

The investigation took place from Gujranwala to Mirpur, and they police uncovered a drug cartel working in the area.

Police have pinned down the entire gang, and are working on closing their business.