Young boy died in motorbike accident, 2 months ahead wedding in Samahni

Khurram Shehzad who died in motorcycle accident

Khurram Shehzad who died in motorcycle accident

18 years old young boy Khurram Shehzad son of Chaudary Abdul Ghafoor died in a motorcycle accident just two months ahead of his wedding in Burjun village of Samahni.

According to details, young boy went to bring water for household on his motorcycle, on his way back, due to heavy water containers, his motorcycle slipped and he fell down in a ditch and received serious injuries. At time of accident no body was present around the accident and young boy kept bleeding helplessly.

After few hours when some people saw him critically injured lying on ground, they took him to hospital but he could not survive and died.

Young boy had Nikah and his full marriage was due to held in December this year. But he died just two months a head of his wedding. When news broke at his home, every one at home and surrounding was upset on sudden death of a young boy.

Thousands of people attended his funeral prayer, PTI AJK Senior leader and former nominate candidate of AJK Assembly Ch Razzaq was also present at his funeral.

May Allah give family Sabar and rest his soul in peace.