Young Beggar women destroying the New Generation inMirpur

Beautiful beggar women in the disguise of begging are actually destroying the New Generation, Authorities took notice of the situation

Mirpur- The social and political sector of Mirpur expressed its anger on the continuous increase in the number of beggars in Mirpur and said that these beggars have made the life of the citizens difficult.

Beautiful Beggar woman are destroying the new generation in the veil of begging. From Quaid-e-zam Chowk to Singot and from Fazil Chowk to Khimbal there are beggars everywhere, in which a large quantity is of criminals disguised as beggars. A large number of small children, which should be in school are begging in the city which should be censured as much as possible.

They further said that despite the ban imposed by the Deputy Commissioner through Act 144 on begging within the city, the police remains completely helpless in implementing it, which is due to lack of performance by police.
They further demanded from Deputy Commissioner Mirpur and SSP District Mirpur that the ban implemented should be strictly imposed and special operation should be under taken against Professional Beggars.