Update: Yasser Yaqub, 28, Shot Dead by Police in Huddersfield

Update: 22:03 GMT, 3 January 2017

Mohammed Yassar Yaqub, 28, a ‘? drug dealer ?’ who was shot dead through his windscreen by armed police cornered a convoy of expensive cars had covered his humble home with more than ten CCTV cameras. Police said they found a gun his in his car.

Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), has launched the investigated, in their recent statement: “The gun which found from car is a non-police issued gun”.

Yaqub’s £136,000 Huddersfield home is covered in surveillance cameras, with at least 10 sited around the property.

Family and friends say Mohammed Yassar Yaqub was shot by police marksmen in a “pre-planned operation”.

Yassar Yaqub was the only son he had 3 sisters. Nadeem Murtuja, chairman of the human rights and racial justice campaign group JUST Yorkshire, called on West Yorkshire Police to disclose to the IPCC the full chain of events that led to the shooting as there is a great deal of disquiet in the community about the death of Mr Yasser Yaqub and it is crucial that both his family and the Huddersfield community are kept informed about the conduct of the investigation and the events that led to the fatal shooting.

A post-mortem examination on Mr Yassar Yaqub’s body will take place on Wednesday:

Yasser Yaqub, 28, young father of girl, was shot dead through his windscreen by armed officers at junction 24 of the motorway near Huddersfield, because they believed he may have been carrying an illegal firearm.

An operation was started after west Yorkshire Police received information about criminal possession of a firearm, as a result vehicles were stopped at different locations.

Yasser Yaqub, was in his white color Audi, when bullets were 3 bullets were fired from windscreen on driving side.

Yasser Yaqub, 28, resident of Huddersfield was described as a loved man and a loyal friend. Tearful family and friends gathered outside his parents’ house in Huddersfield this afternoon, to pay him tribute and left flowers and cards.

Yasser Yaqub, was put on trial in 2010 after he was accused of attempting to murder 2 people in in 2009 but was set free after the case was collapsed.

One neighbour claimed that he was allegedly a drug dealer and there were cars coming and going all the time. And a Gun shot was also heard from his home in past.

His Friends and Family Members took social media to pay the youg fahter of a girl.

The news I have just heard has broke my heart in two!! Yasser Yaqub was one of my closest friends growing up!! How did this happen!! RIP MY BROTHER I can’t even speak right now!! Thoughts are with your family & baby girl!!! I’m so sorry x.

Nobody’s perfect but he didn’t deserve this.

You were no angel but you were still one of the good guys and did not deserve this

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