Yasser Nasser, 26, Jailed for 16 years for Attacking Couples during Robberies in Bradford

Yasser Nasser, 26, resident of f Broadstone Way, Holme Wood, Bradford, jailed for 16 years for brutal attacks with knives, pool cues, baseball bats and a screwdriver while stealing cars, cash, jewellery in Bradford area along with his other 4 members of gang who also are jailed for total 49 years.

The gang was involved in 8 robberies, In first robbery in a family home at Thorncliffe Road, Yasser Nasser hit one family member on head with a wooden stick. Gang threaten them to cut the Man’s fingers and private parts and asked them to hand over jewellery and cash. They also took Audi A6, worth around £30,000 with them after looting them.

Same night they robbed the home of Jahangir Khan situated at Park Grove, Frizinghall and took cash along with them.

In other robberies they took silver VW Golf GT from an elderly man on knife point. In one incident they invaded in the home and stand beside the family members bedroom, when one of them awoke they threaten him to stab him with screw driver and took cash and car keys, victim was beaten and punched by gang and they took a Vauxhall Insignia, the keys to a Mercedes van, a necklace, iPhones and £500 in cash.

At one home they made during robbery they made se-*-ual comment towards the woman who was breast feeding her child and took car keys and cash and jewelry from her.

In another robbery at n Langley Lane, Shipley they broke up in a house and tried to remove a towel from a woma who just came out after taking shower, but family members gave them jewellery and Audi Q7 keys to get rid of them.

Gang together robbed different people and deprived them off from £200,000.

Yasser Nasser was jailed for 16 years and 6 months, at Bradford Crown Court, he was also pleaded guilty to an additional charge of supplying drugs.

Source : T&A