Yassar Yaqub’s “shooters” in the operation were not police officers : Military Expert

Mohammed Yassar Yaqub, was shot dead by a police officer during a operation on the Ainley Top slip road off the westbound M62.

A senior military officer suggested The Skwawkbox, that the “shooters” in the operation were not police officers.

The officer, known on this blog as “Major X” has provided evidence to The Skwawkbox previously about the activities of military personnel masquerading as police officers – and he speaks with considerable expertise on the subject, as he has been responsible for placing those military personnel with police units and reporting on their operations to at least two serving Prime Ministers.

Here is what he had said on the shooting:

The “police” shooters who killed Yassar Yaqub were described as not wearing identifying numbers or squad details [see here and here for other instances] on their uniforms…and they shot a (roughly) 3-inch group of 3 shots through the windscreen from 6-8 feet while running/jumping onto the bonnet of a car that may have still been moving.

That’s not likely to be actual “police”.

There is no indication of bullet-holes anywhere else on the vehicle. the stop was made at a location which had no CCTV and that the officers involved were not wearing bodycams even though these have been in use by West Yorkshire Police, the question must be asked about the identity of the ‘shooters’ and whether they really were bona fide police officers.

Original News Source: The Skwawkbox

Here is what people says.

“Military expert”. What a load of bollocks. From that close to the car my old mum could’ve got a grouping like that. Police marksmen are regularly tested and have to qualify just as the military have to qualify, they don’t just call some knackered old bobby in and throw him a firearm. Jesus.