Woman killed her 70 year old husband on the basis of daily conflicts in Burjun Harwaal

Chowki Samahni: A 60 years old woman killed her 70 years old husband due to everyday conflicts with him in a village Burjun Harwaal near Union Council Puna. Police arrested her and also took the weapon in custody which she used to attack him.
According to details, in Burjun Harwaal near Puna, a woman, 60, killed her husband Ch. Rehmat Ali caste Jutt, 70, because of household daily conflicts among them. The woman attacked him with an axe while he was asleep. She was fed up with his behavior and killed him. SHO reached there along with Police force and arrested the woman; also took the weapon in custody. Dead body was transferred to DHQ hospital for post mortem and then taken over to the family. Police filed a case against the woman on her daughter Misbah Kauser’s report and started the investigation.