Woman divorced husband 5 Days after Nikah Marriage

A woman has divorced her husband five days into their marriage after she found out that he was not religiously committed.

It became viral on Social Media after a quick debate started and people passed judgement on the woman’s decision. Some supported her decision others opposed it.

Those who supported her decision said:

“This woman obviously does not want to live with someone who is not fulfilling the requirements, and the best thing is to end the marriage at the earliest stage possible.”- Reem

“She is absolutely right. When a man does not honour commitments to God, he cannot be trusted to respect his pledges to his wife. The best thing is to part ways.” – Khalid

Those who opposed her decision said:

“This is really sad because it involves two families”

“All this mess could have been avoided if the woman was aware of the man’s degree of commitment to religion before they got married. It is truly an awkward situation that could have and should have been avoided.”

“She should have been more patient and gradually convinced him to perform his prayers,”

“She has really rushed into a decision that is not necessarily the best option.”

Whats your Opinion She did Right or Wrong, do you support her decision or Oppose her decision ? write in below comments.