Woman Died during Delivery Due To Negligence of Alkaram Hospital, Chakswari

Woman died during Delivery Due To Negligence of Doctors at Alkaram Hospital in Chakswari. Family members protested against Hospital Staff and seek police help.

Instead of filing a case against Hospital police started beating family members of deceased woman. A large number of people gathered which sparked a protest by the relatives of the victim as well as residents of the area. They blocked Mirpur Kotli Road.

Conflict between Police and protesters started, 3 men got injured including brother of victim lady. One policeman also got injured. Protesters locked the policemen in shops and beat them.

According to details, Zareen Akhter wife of Basharat Hussain resident of Parie Village of District Kotli was brought to Alkaram Hospital in Chakswari for delivery on Monday Night. Doctors could not handle the case and after Severe bleeding she died.

Family members of Zareen Akhter took her dead body to her native home for funeral and then today they came in Chakswari and called Chakswari Police to report a case against doctors. Police asked family members to write an application against hospital staff and we will arrest them. Later police start beating Brother of deceased woman and Shabir Hussain Nagyal.

As a result a large number of local people gathered and they locked the policemen in shops. Later back up of police force was called and tense situation was created in Chakswari. People protested against violence of SHO Mehdi Khan on protesters. Eye witness told media that SHO Mehdi Khan was also beating people along with his police force.

Political leaders of the Area including, Zafar Anwar Chaudary, Saien Zulfikar, Jamil Azam and other reached on spot. Zafar Anwar Chaudary leaded the protest and suspended SHO Mehdi Khan. After which strike was called off and roads were opened.

FIR registered against Alkaram hospital management.