Woman Committed Suicide after She was Divorced Twice in Islamgarh

Woman Committed Suicide after her second husband divorced her. According to details woman named Abid resident of Islamgarh took divorce from her husband Tariq Javaid s/o Raham Ali resident of Islamgarh to marry another man Shabir Shah.

Abid married to Shabir Shah second time, but this marriage could not work and they broke up after 1 year of marriage. Shabir Shah divorced Abid after their marriage was not working out. She was upset after her marriage was broke up.

Last day Abid visited her children and ask them to forgive her and told them that they will not see her again. After some hours a driver came to home of Abid’s children and convey a message of their mother Abida that she is calling them. When children of Abida went to see their mother, she was fighting for her life.

She was shifted to hospital in critical condition but could not survive and died.