Wife Axed her Husband to Death in a Revenge Attack in Jhelum

Wife with help of her son-in-Law axed her 50 years old Husband to death in Basti Raja Akbar Ali of Sohwa, District Jhelum. One daughter trying to rescue her father injured in attack.

Husband Axed to death in Jhelum,

Husband Axed to death in Jhelum,

According to details on a domestic dispute, wife attacked her husband Muhammad Ayoub son of Feroz with axe, in Basti Raja Akbar Ali of Sohwa. 18 years old girl Gulshan BB was injured during attack and is taken to hospital in Sohawa and further shifted to Rawalpinid Hospital.

Some sources told media that, the family shifted from Buttgram, Abbottabad and year ago Muhammad Ayoub killed his Brother in Law. His wife whose children were minor at that time, kept silence and when they grown up she took revenge of her brother.

While another source told that, she had doubts on her daughter and husband in “wrong acts” and a case was reported few months ago in police station regarding this which was settled down in a family Siting but the woman finally she took this step and had gone so far.

The culprits are on run and police has started investigation of the case.