Widow woman beaten by Relatives on Land Dispute in Sector C-4 Mirpur

The brawl started over a land dispute between widow woman wife of Muhammad Yasin (late) and her relatives Waqas and Abdul Aziz. Waqas and Abdul Aziz along with their family women attacked on widow’s home and tortured her and her children.

According to details, in Sector C-4 of Miprur, Widow Zaitoon BB wife of Late Muhammad Yasin had a dispute with her relatives on over a land after death of her husband.

Last day her opponents Waqas s/o Muhammad Ajaaib and Abdul Aziz s/o Abdul Kareem along with their family women attacked on Zaitoon BB’s home and start beating Zaitoon and her children.

The dispute is currently before the courts but that did not stop Waqas and Abdul Aziz from taking matters into their own hands.

Zaitoon BB later approached Thothal Police Station to register a case against Waqas and Abdul Aziz for beating her and Children. SHO Thothal police station immediately took action again culprits and start searching for them.