Why Educated, Intelligent and Graceful Pakistani Girls Are Married To British Drug Sellers ?

‘We raise our daughters to be intelligent, thoughtful and sincere and then marry them to a British born criminals.’

Why Educated, Intelligent and Graceful Pakistani Girls Marry British Drug Sellers ?

Why Educated, Intelligent and Graceful Pakistani Girls Marry British Drug Sellers ?

Above are the words of a father, he described it as “one of the greatest frauds” committed on young Asian women in the community – the efforts by families to conceal their true intentions before marriage proposals.

Parent and victim women have spoken against the families who marry such girls by telling lies to get them.

Such men even their families lies and hid things to to land themselves a good Sincere girl. These men who are described as religious, hard worker and sober tend to be abusive, drug addict and so on after marriage.

One family who brought up their daughter with a high level of education, taught her family values and, and how to respect family life and religion. When it came to her marriage, a groom was recommended by a religious leader and they tied her knots with the boy, but right after marriage he started humiliating and beating girl and asking her to do degrading things.

At the end parents says, “Maa Payoo Hameesha Olaad ne Pallay Wastay Soochnay”, “Parents always think for the better life of their children.”

Parents usually think a boy with rich parents is a “Good Rishta” for their girl to have a Lavish lifestyle. But how can be a boy is perfect match for a girl who himself living with wealth of his parents.?

Girls’ Parents are usually hunting for boys for their daughters who are successful financially and skip their moral and ethical behavior.

On other side Boys’ Families want the perfect daughter-in-law, religious, sincere, respectful and “Sughhar” (intelligent) even for their Criminal minded Boys and trick girls families as they and their son are well settles, religious, sincere and will keep their daughter happy.