Who will be the next President of Azad Kashmir?

(ByKhawja Kashif) President AJK Sardar Yaqoob Kan has yet to resign from his post and already ambitious individuals have lined up to fulfill his post.

Not deterred aspiring candidates are eager to take his post. These fellows are going to all lengths, some of them have visited Dubai to Asif Zardari to ensure that the assembly appoints them as the next President. One candidate had a “talk” with Zardari in Dubai and came back with “Great Hope”.

He seemed very pleased and was confident seemed pretty confident that he’d be the next Presidnet of AK. Guess who he is. And keep guessing who are the other nominees for Post of President of Azad Kashmir. ?

At one Ocassion President PMLN AJK Chapter Raja Farooq Haider Khan said about current President of AJK, “He is Uneducated Person, PPP has appointed an uneducated person as President of AJK”. We wonder who is will be Next.!!!