White MUM stabbed partner to death as he fought with her Son

Lisa Withers stabbed Jason Capper, 45, with knife 7 times and killed him, after he fought with her son. The attack on Mr Capper happened at 8.50 pm October 24 2015 – Just the day before Lisa Withers’ 48th birthday.

On the day of incident, Lisa Withers text her son Christopher Withers to cancel her birthday. Son went to go around at her home to see if things were alright ?.

When Christopher Withers reached there, he saw her mother was at the front door arguing with Mr Capper, who was in the street. When Christopher Withers inquired the matter from Mr Capper standing in street, he swore at him and they ended up in a fight in the street. Mr Capper wrapped his hands around throat of Christopher Withers threaten to shoot him.

Lisa Withers came down and pushed Mr Capper away, abused him and then stabbed him with knife she found in street. Jason Capper, 45, died after being wounded seven times in an attack by his partner in the street in Edgeley.

Prosecutor Paul Reid QC said the jury might find her account ‘fanciful and far-fetched’.