What Percentage of Your Brain do you Actually Use? Let’s Check!

In Mirpur there are famous casts, Jatt Chaudary, Rajpoot, Gujjar, Mirza, Sheikh, Butt, and some other famous cast, but Jutt (Jatt) or Jaat is the big tribe in Mirpur City.

Once a man of Rajpoot Biradari, took his son in Bazaar there they saw a Gujjar selling Brains, Father became interested to buy a Brain for his RajPoot Son.

He asked the Gujjar about the BRAINS and their Qualities, Brain Seller Gujjar described:

Raja Brain
Mirza Brain
Butt Brain
Sheikh Brain
Ansari Brain
Araien Brain
Syed Brian,
Mir Brian,

any many other varieties and at the end he showed him a “Jatt Brain” and suggested him to by this FRESH New Brain for his Rajpoot Son, as it is Never Used.

Raja got convenience thinking, Gujjar is right, as Jutt Never use their Brain, and Buy “Jutt Brain” for his Son.

Scientists conclude that most People Only Use Around 10% of Their Brains. What About You? Let us Check How Much you use it. LET’S PLAY! click below button to play. Please Share the the screen shot with us about the resutls. 🙂

The writer of this post is also JUTT. So its not targeted to hit someone personally.