We proved ourselves through practical works for Public: Administrator MCM

Mirpur (from Mumtaz Ali Khaksar) Administrator Municipal Corporation Mirpur Al Haj Ghulam Rasool Awami said that we have practically worked for the benefit of public and not just in name and words. The resources of the Municipal Corporation were thoroughly used illegally in the past but today with the grace of Allah the Almighty the performance of the Municipal Cor[oration Mirpur is top of the list. On special instruction of PM Azad Kashmir Mirpur the construction of roads at Tangi Shopping Center has started. In a few days the public will benefit from the Beautiful and excellent roads. The work for plantation of plants is underway in whole of the city. All the Municipals funds for the year 2013-14 was spent according to requirements. Roads, Gutters and streets were paved. I am strictly against bribery and think of my authority as a gift and test from Allah so tht when I leave this seat no one can raise a finger on my character. The development of Mirpur city is my responsibility. The doors of my office are open for the Mirpur Residents. These views were expressed in a special interview to “Mirpur News Networks”.

Al Haj Ghulam Rasool Awami further said that after completion of every developmental scheme I personally visit it and after the completion of the project is satisfactory and according to expectations only then the team leaders are paid. For the Cleanliness and health of the city, Municipal Corporation had only 1 tractor, that even after years of use and increase in demand no body thought of increasing the number of tractors for Municipal Corporation but today we have 3 Tractors for these works that working to keep the city clean. In answer to a question he said that the illegal constructions and to prevent constructions on canceled plots all the authority is transferred to Deputy Administrator Ch Sultan Mehmood as per directions of the PM Azad Kashmir. His untiring effort has resulted in establishing control over illegal constructions. He said he is strongly against corruption and bribery and have made it clear to all his subordinated that the day any allegation for bribery is proved against anyone that will be his final day in Municipal Corporation. But the Citizens should also refrain from giving bribery for their legal works. If any work of the citizens is not done they should inform me and his query would be immediately listened to.

Ghulam Rasool Awami further said that the funds for the budget 2014-15 will be again spent for the developmental works and welfare of citizens. Pm Azad Kashmir is taking special interest in making Mirpur City more beautiful. This is the reason a network of roads will be built in the city which includes the Mangla Y Cross and F1 to Khaliq Abad Roads. He said that along with Municipal Corporation other departments are investing thousands of Rupees in Mirpur so as to increase the beauty of the city. He said that citizens should also try to keep the city clean because everyone shares equal rights on Mirpur.