Water Level in Mangla Dam on the Rise, Destroyed Wheat Crops

Wheat destroyed by mangla dam, and the rest was taken care of by WAPDA.

Due to the water levels rising around Mangla Dam wheat fields in those areas was destroyed.

During the last two weeks there has been heavy rainfall in the area, which has risen the water levels of mangla dam. Due to which the wheat fields around Mangla Dam were destroyed.

WAPDA should have taken notice of the heavy rain, and should have taken precautionary measure to help tackle the problem.

According to sources farmers cropped the lands before time, and due to the unexpected rain showers the water level rose and destroyed their year long hard work.

All they could do is stand on the side and watch it happen.

If they had taken help from other farmers, they could have tackled the problem by slowing down the water flow. This way they could have gained from all their hard work.

The political leaders of Mirpur are busy in their own joy time, and have no time to help the poor farmers.

Pakistan and Azad Kashmir’s main source of income is from wheat, and when that is destroyed they have no source of income.

WAPDA should wake up and keep an eye on the issues of Mangla Dam, so they can lower the water level, this way people will gain something out of it.