Wasim Bhar, 24, jailed for sex attack on disabled woman in Birmingham

Wasim Bhar, 24, a delivery driver from Birmingham has been jailed for 4 years after he sexually assaulted a disabled woman as he dropped off a parcel at her home.

He gave me the parcel, and I threw it behind me in the hallway, and said ‘thank you.’

“He said, ‘I’ve seen you before. I fancy you, love.’

Wasim knocked at the door, after woman opened it, he gave me the parcel, and woman threw it behind her thanked him.

Then Wasim said “I have seen you before. I fancy you, love.” Then Wasim asked then woman if she is alone at home ?, women was shocked of his behaviour and told him, she is with someone else who is other room. Wasim stepped back but then he came near to her, indecently exposed himself, groped her and firmly grasped her by her arm.

Woman then called the police, who started enquiries, Wasim was arrested and denied the allegations against him, but police traces of his DNA at the scene. After DNA tests reports he accepted sexual contact with woman.

Warwick Crown Court found him guilty and sentenced him.