Warrants Issued for Mother n Sister of Samia Shahid for luring her into Death

Pakistan authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the Mother and Sister of Samia Shahid for luring her in to death plan plotted by her father and Ex husband.

Samia’s Mother Imtiaz Bibi and her Sister Madiha Shahid, who went to Bradford, West Yorkshire, after luring Samia and called her to Pakistan, their arrest warrants are issued.

Both Mother and Daughter were allegedly allowed to flee Pakistan and return to the UK after the murder because of a corrupt police officer who ignored orders to seize their passports.

In investigation, it is revealed that it was her mother and sister who lured her to Pakistan in a to execute the plan by telling her that her father is ill and about to die.

According to some people around who lives around them, said they have closed their shop here and have gone. Some poeple have sighted mother and sister in the community recently.

Ex Husband Ch Shakeel and Father Shahid Ch appeared in the court last day in Jhelum District and the case has been adjourned until November 11, 2016.

Now, the Mother and Daughter will be brought in Pakistan for the role the paid in Samia’s Murder.