Victims of Hina Rasool, Scammed by her 1-1 Class at “Desserts by Hina” in Manchester

Here goes the list of Victims who got scammed by Hina Rasoon Running “Desserts by Hina” and teaching a cake decorating course, how to make

-Ruffle Roses
-Ruffle with delicate beading
-Vintage Ruffles
-Big Roses
-Small Bud Roses
-Hand Paint
-Lace Moulds
-Use different embossing techniques
-Handmade bows
-Cutter lows
-3 Layered flowers
-Lace Imprint Toppers
-Patchwork Cutters with diamante

3 days 1 to 1 class, 50% deposit to secure the date and the remaining on the day of the class. Print Screen of Deposit will be sent to your for confirmation. Dates can only be held for 24 hours and a deposit will secure the dates.

Charges for 3 days 1 to 1 session were £250 then raised to £350 and now £450.

She has not coned the every single lady who paid, her but there is a huge number of ladies who are her victims, Once they paid the deposit, then goodbye to their deposit and goodbye to Hina. This is how it worked for them.

Here is what Her Victims says about her.

Jai Kai

She owes me £528, £200 deposit and the rest was hotel for 3 nights which was non refundable and train tickets from London. I confirmed everything a week prior and she gave me the feeling she forgot about my booking then after a few msgs to and fro she tried to convince me it was a 2 day course not a 3 when i clearly had evidence to say it was 3. I made her aware of my travelling and hotel bookings etc before hand. Just as i was about to set off from my hotel to attend the class she cancelled on me with dramatic excuses such as heart issues, breathing problems, and so many others later like a transplant and what not! That was in 2014…. and oh must I add that she was not married at the time, and perleeees why would I be jealous of her…?? i have so much more of my own that I am blessed with than she could ever imagine. Silly woman in her silly drama serial.

Princess Mahar

She kept saying to me her bleeding from mouth won’t stop. I believed her honestly till she blocked me on social media and a mate told me she checked in my Lahore ?. I was not given my refund which il take back now, I stayed quiet thinking no point exposing her no one would believe me but she has done it to sooo many ppl. I can see her page and she is deleting the negative comments of people and leaving the good ones on. I pity her


Hi everyone, hina rasool did exactly same to me and my cousin. I had my class 2 months before my cousin, little did she know were related. She taught me one day then said next day she is poorly and bleeding from her mouth as she had a liver transplant. She didn’t give me a new date till 2 weeks after, kept saying she is ill and was seen eating in a restaurant. She lies so much and is a fraud she never taught me 3rd day and hadn’t returned my money. My cousin was taught only 1 day but got her refund, unfortunately I didn’t.

Saima Ayub

My 3 day class took over a month, she kept lying about bleeding from her mouth and her boo cutting his finger, then her future in laws poorly. It was lies on top of lies. I have her messages but I leave it in the hands of Allah SWT. She will get her comeuppance soon InshaAllah

Amina Uddin Yeah x

She is the one by whom, i got scammed

‎Imran Ashraf‎

I’m glad people are finally going after this fraud ! She scammed my Mrs and I contacted her new family members to resolve this who were just brushed it off and tried justifying her lies! I’ll contribute money towards this class action!

Jam Uddin

My wife has been scammed too. Luckily after months upon months of chasing she did get partial of her deposit back but no reimbursement for travel or 2 days accommodation. My wife initially felt sorry for her as Hina stated she had a Liver transplant. But suspicious arose once she was advertising that she is going to Dubai. I was thinking “mash Allah…that was one speedy recovery”

As my wife was blocked from messaging her , a friend of hers messaged on behalf of her to request for a refund. Hina stated that she is inside an MRI scanner. Now you don’t have to be medically qualified to no that you won’t be allowed to take your phone inside a scanner.

If you do end up bombarding her with messages her ‘sister’ (cough cough) will start messaging on behalf of her

Hina will assure that she will refund you the deposit and will request for patience (while she carries on either updating her status or thanking other people for being patient)

For all the doubters I will upload a message personally sent by me on behalf of my wife as my wife got blocked. Please note the date is from 2015.

Tahira Idris Jabin

That’s exactly what happened to me.

Karishma Mohamed

She’s conned me too. Funny how most of her last minute cancellations are due to “eye problems” she’s experiencing. Karma is a bitch or has she forgotten!!!

Nadia Hasumat‎

After begging her for 2 strong and long years for my halal earned money to be refunded back to me after she cancelled on me the morning of the course at 5:30am because ‘she was not feeling well’ I only managed to get it back when I threatened to turn up outside 81 St Ann’s Road Cheadle SK8 4RZ…. ladies I wish u all the best let me know how u all get on ???? scatty scum will always be scatty scum ?

Lolo Rehman‎

To those who think we have time on our hands to sit and edit messages! This picture is for you. Read and realise that not all messages can be edited especially when you can clearly see her name and number.
Apparently Hina is private messaging people telling her side of story. I have proof of that too. I challenge her to come on here and share her side. Oh and can someone clarify if her mother in law is still alive? And if her baby is due in May how come she had a miscarriage in September? #woundupinyourownlies

Smidge B Akhtar

The course started in may 2016 n the last day has still not been completed nor have I been refunded

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