MP Naz Shah appeals for calm after Shooting of Mohammed Yassar Yaqub

Update: Earlier Protest linked to the Shooting of Mohammed Yassar Yaqub

I have had number of updates over the last day from the Chief Superintendent re above. The most recent ones being at 11pm and again at 1am this morning following disturbances which impacted upon roads within my constituency.
I have also spoken at length to the families appointed solicitor, Mr Khan of Khans Solicitors, following an official request to support them in seeking clarifications in relation to today’s tragic events, in my capacity as a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

I recognise that tensions are running high within communities. The local police also understand the heightened tension that the events over the past 24 hours have caused within our communities and the need to provide reassurance.

I understand that West Yorkshire Police are working fully with the IPCC’s independent investigation into the circumstances of the shooting and there is due process to follow which may mean certain information cannot be provided in the way that communities feel they need.

The IPCC have a responsibility for overseeing a transparent investigation, however, the responsibility for maintaining strong relationships with our wider communities rests with the Police. It is sometimes difficult to do both in ways which reassures the family affected by the actions of the Police and the concerns of the wider community.
I have been assured that West Yorkshire Police continue to be committed in facilitating peaceful protest and will continue talking and listening to communities with real concerns. The vast majority of those who attended tonights protest were peaceful in their actions.
We must allow The IPCC investigation to take place which will take its due course, this will require our patience and support.

My heartfelt thanks to those who were involved in supporting the peaceful protest earlier and helped restore calm, in particular Molana Fazal Dad and local community leaders including elected members.

Finally I urge the leadership of our community to work in partnership with the elected members and most importantly the agencies concerned to ensure that lessons are learnt from this tragic incident.

I urge our community to remain calm and respect the wishes of the family who have lost their loved one and have appealed for calm and privacy during this very difficult time.

Naz Shah MP