Upcoming Elections in Azad Kashmir

Mirpur: all the political parties have started preparing for the coming elections in Azad Kashmir. Meetings are being held among different parties and decisions are being taken. All the parties are trying to win the elections and huge changes are expected to happen after the elections.

According to sources, Peoples Party has completed its 4 year time government in Azad Kashmir and elections are going to be held in 2016 now and all the parties are trying hard to win this time. Changes are expected after these elections, political activities are at its peak and members from the previous governing party are trying to join Muslim League (N) now. Decisions have been taken regarding this matter and will be announced soon.
Same is the case with Barrister Sultan Mehmood, who left Peoples Party and joined PTI. Many members of other parties are trying to join PTI as well. Situation is going to be very different in next few weeks in the political picture of Azad Kashmir. Members who are unable to get ticket for elections from their own parties are changing ways to other parties to compete from there.