University Officer threaten to fine and fail the student on giving statement

University Officers, angry as a student gives statement to newspaper, threaten to heavily fine and fail him

Mirpur, Mohammad Siddique, a student of Azad Kashmir University, did not receive his result for MA Islamiat (Part 1). As the affected student gave a statement in news paper, the University Officer in order to hide their own incompetence started threatening the student that if he gave any more statements then they will fail him and heavily fine him.

According to details, the result for MA Islamiat (Part 1) was declared on 30th March but the result of some students was stopped for no reason. Student Mohammad Siddique s/o Mohammad Nazir while talking to the journalists said that the University did not issue his result within the specified time, he has given MA Islamiat (Part 1) from Government Boys College, Mirpur under Roll No. 5251. The last date for applying for admissions for Part 2 is 15th April,2015.

When the Azad Kashmir University Officials were contacted regarding this issue, they kept delaying the issue. Through the cooperation of Journalists he was able to bring the matter to their attention but now they are threatening to either fail or heavily fine him if he contacts the newspaper again.

He further said that I have been trying to get details of my result from the last 14 days but the University Officials did not take it seriously and if they still did not declare their result then I will take the matter in court. If the system of Eductaion is so prejudiced then how can it positively effect the society.

He further appealed to the Minister Education, Secretary Education and other authorities to take action against those University Officials who are trying to darken my future and the result of his Part 1 examination should be declared so that he can take admission in Part 2.