Umar Hanif, 23, Jailed Four Days after his Own Wedding for Dangerous Driving in Bradford

Umar Hanif, 23, of Horton Grange Road, Great Horton, Bradford, jailed for six months just four days after his wedding as he hit a car with three young children in it after he accelerated off in an uninsured VW Golf GT TDi on the city’s Listerhills Road at 1pm on April 28.

He tried to avoid a crash by mounting the kerb but burst a tyre and collided with the front of the vehicle.

Hanif drove off in a cloud of dust but smashed into a lamppost. His airbag deployed and the police boxed him in.

Hanif complained of a neck injury but then jumped out of the passenger side door and tried to run off.

Hanif’s solicitor advocate, Simon Hustler, said his client was married on Thursday last week and he was a man of previous good character.

Hanif was a carer for his mother and helped to look after his poorly brother.

Mr Hustler said the police chase had not got going and he urged the Recorder of Bradford, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC, to suspend any sentence of imprisonment.

But the judge told Hanif: “You were irresponsible, reckless and out of order. You showed no concern for others, only for yourself. I can’t suspend the sentence without doing irreparable damage to the message that there has to be consistency.”

Hanif was Jailed for 6 months and banned from driving for two years and three months.