UK: Metropolitan Police’s racist abuse on two men

Two men got arrested when they were teenagers. Police caught them thinking they were bad mouthing them and tortured them as well. Both men suffered from psychological stress and are now free on the basis of being racially abused.

According to information, Basil Khan has been awarded £11,950 and Omar Mohidin £2,500 in account of being racially abused by Police. They were arrested by the police in 2007 in central London on account of bad mouthing and making gestures which they were not. Omar was in police van for about 5 minutes while Khan was arrested and detained for 20 hours.
They both claim that they suffered from mental stress afterwards as they have been assaulted and swore on and racially abused. Police says that they had been caught in suspicion of being in possession of drugs. The case got filed and in the trial police was decided to wrong this time. Both men got free on the basis of being racially accused. The judge called the case ‘a bad case’ and closed it.