UK Imam Mosque tortured mother of 7 and sent her Back Home Mirpur

Mirpur: A mosque Imam tortured his wife who is also a mother of his seven children. He entrapped her in fake court cases and tortured her both physically and mentally. He sent her back to Pakistan somehow and she filed a case against him with the help of Mirpur District Bar Association member.

According to details, the female victim, ( T ) Akhtar, has presented a case in front of British court and Immigration Authority with the help of M. Yaseen Khan Advocate, District Bar Association Mirpur. In which she said that she got married to mosque’s Imam in 1989 and had 6 children. Her husband went to UK as Imam of mosque and called her and children to UK as well. They had their seventh child there.

Imam started torturing his wife both mentally and physically and stopped giving her pocket money and trapped her in fake court cases. She was asked to pay the penalty for one case. Imam threatened her and sent her back to Pakistan so she could not pay the penalty, making her a culprit in the eyes of court. He also kept children with himself. When the wife wasn’t called back to UK, she applied for visa which got rejected and to top it off, she got banned of entering UK.

She filed a case against her husband for his cruelty. British court passed the orders to send her back to UK. M. Yaseen Khan Advocate, Bar Association Mirpur presented her case in front Immigration authorities for her return to UK. Authorities have taken her case and are considering it so she could meet her children as well. Hearing of this case is by the end of this month in which court will pass the final decision.