Ufone franchise Mirpur employee robbed Khari Shareef Retailers

Khari Shareef: Ufone Franchise Mirpur representative, Awais Sajib robbed Khari Shareef retailers. He took Rs. 67420 combined in advance, from Chichian, Pulmanda and Jatlan retailers for easy load with the help of branch manager and did not load any money. Both the employee and manager are missing for last two months. Retailers contacted the franchise for it but did not get any positive response.

According to details, Ufone Franchise Mirpur, easy load sales representative, Awais Sajib, took Rs. 10 thousand from Rehan electronics, Rs, 3000 from Shiraz Ahmad, Rs. 10 thousand from Haidri Mobile, one thousand rupees from Aftab Mobile, ten thousand from Asghar Medical, eight thousand rupees from Hafeez Mobile Jatlan, 2 thousand rupees from Zain Mobile Jatlan, and Rs. 15920 from Maaz Mobile, in advance for easy load and disappeared. Retailers did not get the easy load and on complaining got no response from the franchise. On contacting manager of the franchise, Kamran from Mirpur, it was found that he has disappeared as well two months ago which shows that he was involved in this betrayal as well. Retailers requested the Deputy Commissioner. SSP and Azad Kashmir government to take notice and get their money back as soon as possible.