Two real brothers drowned in Mangla Dam in Dadyal Mirpur

Mirpur (Report by Habib Sadiq) In the outskirts of Dadyal in Anmb Area, 2 brothers Sheraz and Shamraiz who belong to belonging to wanderers family, of age 17 and 13, drowned in Mangla Dam. They were catching fish in dam and died after they touch 11000 volts electricity wire in water.

Mangla Dam water level in increased and houses and electricity poles are drowned in water. Electricity wires are still connect with current.

The bodies have been found. Administration has already implied 144 on bathing in Mangla dam, but the administrative authority and police have failed to implement it due to which this incident occurred yesterday.

A large number of local people gathered on dam and took dead bodies out of water. Funeral prayer of boys was offered in Anmb village in presence of 100s of villagers.


Pictures: Facebook