Two Men and one Woman arrested for committing Adultery

CIA Police raided on a house and found two men and one woman committing adultery.

According to details yesterday, CIA Police called a raid on a house in Sector F 1, near the powder factory. There two men and one woman was arrested on the charges of adultery.

The police got a tip from the local allies, and acted on it.

Mohamemed Yousaf son of Habib Ullah caste jatt, resident of Mandi Bahudin was running a prostitute house. The locals were very disturbed by him, and his actions.

The locals appreciated the police for their work after the culprits were caught and taken to the police station.

Haroon Iqbal son of Mohammed Idrees, caste jatt, resident of Mirpur, and the woman Resident of Mandi Bahuddin, caste Gondal were also arrested.

Police filed the case, and have started investigation.