Twenty five thousand gallon water tank installed in Islamgarh

Islamgarh: Water tank, twenty thousand gallon, has been installed in Islamgarh. It will provide water to many surrounding villages and areas including Rarah Jagir, Rarah Dhaki, Dhok Ghulam Din, Dhok Numberdaran and Rarah market etc. Prime Minister was expected to do the inauguration but due to some important work he could not make it so Ch. Mehmood Qazi did the inauguration.
According to information, another 25 thousand gallon water tank has been introduced in Islamgarh. Prime Minister Abdul Majeed could not launch it, so former member of District council, Ch. Mehmood Qazi did the inauguration. He thanked the Prime Minister for his effort and solving the problem of water shortage in the area. He said that there has been a lot of constructive work done with the direction of Prime Minister in the area. He is working for the betterment of nation and is solving a lot of problems that people are facing in this area. He said that he is thankful to him and will continue to support him.