Tribute Paid to Mohammed Yassar Yaqub by Family and Hundreds of Friends at Ainley Top in Huddersfield

A large number of people gathered to pay Tribute to Mohammed Yassar Yaqub, friends and community members, candles were lighted and Balloons released in his memory at Ainley Top in Huddersfield where he was shot dead by police.

Yasir Yaqub’s parents, Mother Safia and Father Mohammed Yaqub also turned up on the incident scence and were supported by friends and family on the loss of their only beloved son.

While politicians, MP Naz Shah, and MP Imran Hussain appeal to mourners and frieinds of Yassar to remain calm and to allow investigators to continue their inquiries to determine how and why Mohammed Yassar Yaqub was shot dead by police.

Commissioner, West Yorkshire’s Police said it was important to allow the Independent Police Complaints Commission to carry out its investigation to establish exactly what happened.

Mr Yaqub’s father Mohammed told the media how he had lost his “only son”, Mohammed Yaqub said he felt his son was “killed unlawfully” and said he would be demanding answers to his “unjustifiable” killing of his son who hasn’t got a bad past, and never been convicted of anything.

He demanded he want to know truth about how and why his son of shot dead.